Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012

Thats crazy that the Broncos have Manning now! How does Dad feel about losing Tebow and gaining Manning?
 That Relief Society thing sounds like it was good. The Relief Society definitely is a great help out here in the mission field when it comes to fellowshipping investigators and making them feel welcome.

 Speaking of North Bend, how are both sets of grandparents doing? I should probably send them something. When are their birthdays again? I might try to send them something when it comes around.

 This week has been good. We had a ton of work to do, and we were running around everywhere all week. We had 7 baptism interviews planned for this week, but 2 of them backed out, and the other 5 ended up going out of town for the weekend so it didnt happen. But! They called us today and asked us if we could come over and teach them today. It's amazing how prepared that family is! They are definitely willing to listen and follow the example of Christ.

We have a man here in the ward that is less active that we have been talking to almost every day now for the last 2 weeks. His name is Paulo and he has a drinking problem. His whole family is active, and they are having a had time with knowing how to help them. It is really sad to see a family affected like that and not knowing how to help or what they can do to make things better. But Paulo really seems like he wants to change and has actually been going to AA meetings the past few days. This area that we are in has a really big problem with drugs, so that's been kinda hard for us.

 So how are Lainey and Annie and Dad doing?! I've heard all about Mom's life and nothing about theirs! Except for Dad passing a kidney stone. But I want to know how they are doing! Send me letters or emails or something!

 But I love you all, and the work here is hard, but great. I'm sweating a ton every day (the temperature has not dropped below 70 here yet, and during the day hovers around 90) yet I haven't lost any weight. Still sitting around 150 lbs. But I feel better and I think I'm starting to gain a bit of muscle in my legs from walking so much so that's probably why the weight is staying on.

 This week I was flipping through my BoM and I happened upon the part about the Stripling Warriors. I remember when we were in the MTC talking about this part, and the first counselor in the branch presidency was teaching about it. The reason why the Stripling Warriors were so successful was because of the way that their mothers and fathers had taught them. They say specifically that their mothers taught them the way of the Lord and to be strong in the faith. But they don't talk about their fathers. Their fathers were the Anti-Nephi-Lehis that had buried their swords in the ground and had made a covenant to not fight ever again.

Now for the connection. You guys as my parents have taught me so well, and because of you I am here right now in Brazil serving the people that the Lord prepared. You taught me to keep the convenants which I have made and to always follow the way of the Lord. I am so grateful to have come from a family where I have a mom and dad who love each other as well as the Lord and were so willing to do anything they could for me whenever the occasion arose. Thank you guys so much for everything you have done and continue to do for me. I love you so much.

 Well, I gotta go do some more work. I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Oh! And I found the apostraphe button!

 -Elder Hopper

 P.S. Any news with the Miata?

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