Monday, March 19, 2012

From left to right is Elder Leandro,
Elder Henrique (my companion), Me, and Elder Ferrington

Sounds like a lot is happening back home!
So, here has been really good. The food is weird (I had chicken hearts yesterday), it is hot and humid, I cant fully understand the language, and the keyboards dont have apostrophes! But! I love it here.
I am going to tell you about a family here now. They had been looking for about 2 years for a church they could go to, but didnt feel right in any of the ones they went to, so they asked God for help. They prayed to be able to find the right church to go to. They prayed on last Wednesday. On Thursday, my companion and I prayed to find more young women for the ward here because theyre lacking severly. On Friday afternoon, we met the Barbosa family who have 3 girls, one is 12, one 14, and the other is 16. Plus the mom and dad (though the dad might have problems of his own). The mom and two of the girls went to church on Sunday, and have a baptismal date for the 25, but it will probably get pushed back a week so they can be baptized with the other girl and the father, but we will see how that all goes down.

The language is coming pretty good now. My companion, Elder Henrique, can speak English pretty well, but he is trying to force me to speak Portuguese when ever I can so that I learn as fast as possible. Which is perfectly fine. I am learning it really fast and in our lessons and talking with other people I can say almost everything I want to.
The weekends around here are crazy. Everyone is outside, tons of people are driving around blasting music in their cars, and theres a bus thing that drives around blasting music (mostly American music that no one here can understand) that is pretty much Sodom and Gomorrah. It is pretty cool.
Last P-day we went to a zoo type thing (we had P-day on Wednesday because they had something else on Monday) and then to a mall. Here they call malls shopping. So the place was called Novo Shopping. I dont understand why they name the places so blandly here. Today I think we are going to go to a marketplace and then go to a waterfall somewhere for a while. It should be fun!

I love you all! And thanks for the birthday wishes!
-Elder Hopper

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