Friday, March 9, 2012

January 31, 2012

Sounds like the car is fun to deal with! Working on my car is definitely something I miss. Any news with that, by the way? If the spark plug won't thread right, that could be a big fix... I would think that you would have to replace the whole head on that side. Before I left, Dad said there was a noise coming from the front left tire, too. Did he ever figure out what that was?
Do you mean that he still doesn't have his flight plans? If he for sure going to the Guatemala MTC? He's living with the missionaries for a week? That sounds like it would be cool. Would he be set apart as a missionary while he's doing that?

The Portuguese is going well! Not quite fluent, but I can say most of what I want when teaching things about the gospel that I want to. It's a lot of fun to speak in Portuguese to my companion and district and zone.

My foot is good. I haven't done much with it lately. I tore it apart initially (you'll get pictures with the first SD card), but I'm letting it heal so I can see what warts are still there.

 This week has been pretty uneventful, like always. Just more class and food that wrecks my stomach. No one else in my district is leaving yet, so it's still just the four of us. Our zone got 3 more districts last Wednesday, though. 11 Elders and 5 Sisters. One of the Elders already got his VISA, so he left today, so we're down to 15 total from last Wednesday. As we start to learn Portuguese more, we're able to talk with our teachers more and they make more jokes. One of our teachers, Brother Owens, I'm getting along with really well and it's cool to joke around in Portuguese. Our other teacher Brother Dodge, is still really cool, but he's more of a straightforward teacher and doesn't joke around as much. I guess we do learn more from him, but Brother Owens's classes are just more fun. Oh, and Annie, he's single! Just sayin'. Single, speaks Portuguese, from Florida, really funny, tall, and he's pretty spiritual, too. Anyways, that's all I have for now.

One thing, could you get me Cameron Johnson's myldsmail email? I think it's on my Gmail account, but I can't get to that. The password is the same typical one I use.

Oh! And I've been here for just over a month now! Time goes so fast!

Thanks! I love you guys!

Elder Hopper

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