Friday, March 9, 2012

February 21, 2012

Of course I remember Brandond Halls! That's pretty awesome that he got his call. I think I'm actually friends with him on Facebook. I doubt I'll see him, but if he does happen to be in my mission, out of the 27 that are in Brazil, I will definitely talk to him a bit if I get a chance.
That's awesome for Donald, too! Is his mission English speaking? It's funny how it works here in the MTC, all the elders that are going foreign speaking wish that they could go English speaking and all of the English speaking wish they could go foreign speaking. I'm starting to really like Portuguese now, but that's definitely how it was the first few weeks. I can understand almost everything everyone says when they're speaking in  Portuguese, and I don't read out of my English Preach My Gospel anymore. I still study the scriptures in English just because it's completely different language than is commonly used.

Goodness, we seem to love having our ovens catch on fire. I hope you guys get it all figured out! Any news with the Explorer yet?

So many good things going on! A little bit sad to see everyone go, I'm sure, but everything is going well. All of the excitement seems to be concentrated into a week or so, I hope you can handle it!

I heard that the play was going well, but didn't hear anything besides that. I'm glad you guys liked it.

I encourage you to take notes! I have noticed a huge difference since I started doing that. At some point I'll send home some journals of notes from things and you guys can read over them. There's some pretty cool things that I've found out. A lot of really cool things through personal study, too. I've made pretty good friends with a couple of Elders here that are into the deeper side of the scriptures and the gospel, so we sit down and discuss things a couple times a week and discover new, cool things about the scriptures. You'll have to see some of the things we talk about.

I should really start writing later in the day so I can remember things that happened in the week better... Well, I should go and finish my laundry. I hope you all have a good week!

Love you all!

Elder Hopper

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