Friday, March 9, 2012

January 24, 2012

Well Drew didn't send me an email or anything, so I didn't skip your email. But that is awesome! So he's got what, 3 weeks before he leaves? I'm so excited for him!

I haven't used the new glasses yet because I just got them yesterday and haven't taken out my contacts since then. I'll probably take them out soon, though. I will let you know next week how they are definitely!

That's exciting! So many good things happening at the Hopper house!

I have a couple of things to share with you now:

First, my companion left this morning for Brazil. We found out on Friday that he was leaving, so it was a bit quick. Our district leader, Elder Maiava, also lost his companion to Brazil, so now I'm companions with Elder Maiava. I'm way excited cause he's a really cool guy and we're already pretty close. He's from Olympia too, so we share the love of the Northwest.

Second, I got my electronic Visa today, so it shouldn't be too long until I get my real Visa for Brazil. They've said that recently it's been taking somewhere between a month and three months for visas to come through after you get your electronic. So we never missed anything, it just never came!

Third, something I forgot to tell you a couple weeks ago. I was seeing my old companion off, Elder Welch, and we were standing outside the travel office when someone grabbed my arm, and pulled me around and gave me a hug. Apparently Josh Cabrera works here at the MTC doing custodial work and gets off at 8, which is the exact time that we had to bring Elder Welch. It was cool seeing him, we got to talk for a second before he had to leave.

And I think that's everything for this week. We've gotten a bit more snow, but nothing real bad. Only an inch or two.

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