Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 6, 2013

Heeeeellllo everyone!


I officially had my last conselho de liderança on my mission. Looks like next transfer (which comes up here in a week) I'll be put down to junior companion to be able to simplify the transfer, since I'll be going home in the middle of it. Which means I get to work and not worry about leadership responsibilities for the last three weeks of my mission!


This week we had a couple of good things happen. The other Elders who live with us baptized, which is really good for them. They're both very new on the mission and were kind of discouraged when they got here, but these two baptisms helped them, and the ward, out a ton. We also marked three baptisms for this weekend, but we'll see if they go through. We'll need prayers in our direction! It's a great family that had been taught about a year ago but they had problems with police and the law and junk. So now they're all good to go and want to be baptized! They're names are Maria, Rosana, and Jonathan. 


So me and my companion must've ate something bad on Monday, because we're both sick... We're hoping to be able to work this last week we have guaranteed together, but we're spending a looooot of time in the bathroom recently. So hopefully we'll get better soon so we can work and stop wasting our time in the bathroom! 


That's about all the exciting stuff I got for this week... Lack of interesting things to talk about because of the time I have on the mission... less than 4 weeks left? Interesting, neh?


And as The Potato says, "Give full order peace love power."


I love you all!

-Elder Hopper #1

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