Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

Hello family!


This week, was reaaallly exciting!


We did absolutely nothing.


Both me and my companion have been sick since last Tuesday and have been unable to work full-force since then. We are getting better, taking some medicine, and trying to rest it off, but it's a slow process. 


So that family I told you guys about last week; Maria, Jonathan, and Rosana, They decided to not be baptized this week. They felt like they didn't have enough time to prepare and they kept missing appointments and marking for other days. So with that moleza combined with our sickness, we were unable to get them baptized this week. A sad ending, but hopefully Elder Galleguillos can get them back.


Remember Everton that I told you guys about two weeks ago? He went to church this week! He tried to sleep through it and not come with us, but we made his dad wake him up.


This week we have transfers, and I'm leaving the area. I'm not sure where I'm going yet, or with who, or what I will be, but I'm pretty sure I'll be junior companion. Not because I did something wrong, but because my group is leaving in the middle of the next transfer, so it's just easier to do that with us than keep us as ZL. I'll find out later today where I will go and all that. I'll only stay there for three weeks....


I love you all and hope you have a great week!



Elder Hopper #1

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