Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

Hello everyone!


This week was pretty good for us. We had a good amount of success, but it'll be building for the next couple of weeks. We've finally figured out how to work well in this city. Every place has it's own difficulties, and here it's been finding good people to teach. We've decided to follow the apostles' advice (go figure) to keep the chapel open. So what we did the majority of this week, was we sat in front of the church, inviting people to come in and visit, just to see what the chapel is like. Most of the people we talk to accept, and then we have the chance to show them around while talking about our beliefs. It's rare for the people to not allow us to get their address to go to their houses. So this week we'll spend a good amount of time going to the houses of these people and all that good stuff.


We also are going to a couple of English schools in the area to help out and to find some people that are willing to hear the gospel. This last week, we met a guy named Everton at one of the classes who is really cool. We went to his house on Saturday to talk to him a bit and invite him to an activity at the church that night. He accepted to go to the activity and liked it a lot. He goes to the quadrangular church, which I'm pretty sure is the four square church in the States, and lives with a pastor from a Baptist church. Interesting combination. But he seems really interested in the gospel and wanted to come to church on Sunday but had already promised someone else that he would help them out with their car. So we'll invite him this week! He seems pretty promising.


That's all I got this week! Hope you all have a good one! 5 weeks left!


Love you all!

-Elder Hopper #1

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