Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013

Hello pessoal!

This week was rather boring, nothing new happened.




That's a lie.








The two families that we had been working with got baptized and they were able to get everything together to be baptized this week. Vera and Carlos quit smoking, Maria and Carlos got married, and we had churrasco (barbeque) on both Saturday and Sunday! It was amazing!

I just have to echo what Elder Hopper #2 said about baptisms being amazing. They are. They're about the best thing. EVER. Especially when you know that many more people will enter into the truth and have the wonderful happiness that the gospel brings because of those people. Victor, a kid that we baptized, wants to serve a mission! I'm so excited for him to do that! And Maria and Carlos are the ones that have a son on a mission in Belém, and so he must be super happy now, too! 


I'm not sure what else to say because that's all that's in my head right now!

Oh, right. Well, there's an Elder here named Elder Olsen. He's our Zone Leader. He's going home next Monday. His mission is over. He's from California. Anyways, we saw him here in the center last Monday after sending emails, and he told us that his house had burned down. Two weeks before he was supposed to go home. How sad would that be? So now his family has to go through the trouble of getting themselves a new home and all that. Good thing they have fire insurance! Nobody in the family was hurt, just a painter that was inside the house when it exploded. Literally exploded. He just got 1st and 2nd degree burns, though. But I'll send a picture of Elder Olsen for you all to see him. Along with a picture of our 5 baptisms! 


Have a great week! Love you all!


-Elder Hopper #1

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