Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31, 2012

Feliz ano novo!!! Quase!!

Here in about 13 hours, everyone here will be celebrating the new year! And I'll be sleeping! At least trying to. They already have started off the day with a couple of loud fireworks, and it appears that it will only continue. Tons of people are driving around buying tons of fireworks today, so tonight should be a hard night to sleep. But that means that we are entering into the year that I come home!! Wooo!!! Only like 11 more months! Next Christmas will be the biggest party the Hopper house has ever seen. (Sorry, Drew. And perhaps Brad. Although Brad has more of a chance of making it there.)

This week was Christmas week.... Already told the family about that on the Google+... But it was pretty awesome. And this next week is New Years... So these couple of weeks are hard to work. But we will find people to teach and baptize!

I made cookies this week! We went to a member's house and I made cookies there. She said that there had already been Elders who have made cookies there, but the ones that I made were by far the best that she had ever tasted. Mom's recipe is the best one ever! They turned out pretty well, though it was a bit hard to cook them, since the ovens here are heated by gas, so the bottoms almost had to get burnt for the rest of the cookie to turn out good. 

So on Saturday morning, I opened the door to go outside and run for a bit, and in comes a little kitten!
So we're trying to figure out what to do with it, cause we keep trying to put it outside, but it keeps coming in. And the Elders of Ala 3 decide to feed it. They gave it some pasta. And it ate it. And now the cat is never leaving. And it needs to leave. We aren't allowed to have pets! But what do we do now?! It is a pretty cute cat, but it has to leave... Plus, cats have the nasty habit of peeing on everything soft. And we have a couch sitting outside in front of our house... It'll probably be full of cat pee here in a little bit. But we'll try to figure out something to do with the cat. Maybe it'll just leave one day. I doubt it, but we can all hope, right?

That's about all that happened this week. Teaching lessons, meeting new people, helping less active members, trying to have meetings with the bishopric....... All the typical things. We won't have any baptisms this week, but hopefully on the 12th we will have a couple. We're planning a few, but people need to start coming to church first! There were a lot of people missing from church this week. But it might have just been because of the holidays and all. Next week should be better.

Anyways, I hope you all have a good week and a fantastic new year! Love you all!

-Elder Hopper #1

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