Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7, 2013

Olá  família!

This week was preeeettty slow. Nobody was working still because of the New Year and all that, so that should mean that everyone's home and willing to receive the missionaries, right? Ha! That actually means that nobody is home, and if they are, they're drunk off their rocker. And not willing to talk to the missionaries at all, except to make fun of them.

But this week was still pretty good.  On Wednesday, we got some rain. A lot. (see pictures) We were walking to an English class that we help out with, when it just started to POUR. So we stopped underneath a covered motorcycle taxi place, and waited. Then our Ward Mission Leader showed up on his motorcycle and started talking to us and waited there with us outside of the rain. Then a friend of his showed up! So we started talking a bit about the gospel with him, and he ended up saying that we could go visit him at his house and teach him. Blessings hidden in a rainstorm! Or so we thought... We said that we would go to his house on Saturday with our ward mission leader, his name is Fabio by the way, and so when that day arrived, we went. However. We got to the address that he had given us, and knocked on the door, and some old lady answered. And said that this guy didn't live there. He gave us a false address. That happens more than you imagine. Sooooo maybe it was just a little seed that we planted instead of cultivating a testimony!

So I'll go ahead and explain the pictures now. For some reason, Blogger won't let me upload photos right now!  Check back often and hopefully, I'll have it figured out very soon!  The pics are good ones!

There's one that has  4 little dolls.  Last Monday night all the missionaries in the city went to a members house in Ala 2 to celebrate the new year.  We ate,  did some jokes.... which makes no sense... fizemos algumas brincadriras... that's better. And then went home at about 10. We had a little extra time to stay out. The member who housed the little party thing made these cool little dolls for the whole zone, and so we took pictures in the bus station of the dolls of the people that live in our house.

Then we got some pictures of the rain... And a little flooding...

Then a picture with some money and bills. In our house, there's something wrong with the water tank. It leaks. A lot. So the water bill this month was R$122. It's normally R$20-30. Then the electricity bill came. R$57. And the Elders who lived here didn't pay the last month's bill. So I had to pay that, too. R$52. So I payed a total of R$221.  Hence the unhappy face.

Well, that's about all the good stories we have for this week. We also had an investigator finally accept a date after 2 months of coming to church! So she'll probably be baptized this Saturday if everything goes right. I'll send pictures next week!

Love you all! Have a  fantastic week!

-Elder Hopper #1

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