Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012

The garage door broke again? I remember the first time that happened... It was super loud and scared the junk out of me. Sounds like you don't need Drew aroud to break stuff for you; it just breaks itself!

So many good things happening at home. It's great to hear that even though it's hard back there, that everyone is happy and you're all safe and things are still going well. It's amazing to see how blessed we are these days. No matter how hard it gets, we need to just keep on trucking (that was for you, Annie) and endure! We will be blessed so much for enduring and continuing to do the things that we know we need to do.

So this week we had two baptisms. One was a boy that's friends with an inactive family, and the other was a man who was the last person in his family to not be baptized. He married his wife (who is a returned missionary) almost 20 years ago, and they've been trying to get him baptized ever since. Last Monday he called us and said, "I want to be baptized this week. Can I meet with you tonight?" So we met with him, taught him a bunch this week, and baptized him on Saturday! No one believed that he was actually getting baptized. The cool thing about all this, is that in a year they can be sealed in the temple. Their son, José, was sitting in the room waiting for the baptism to start and I was talking to him, and he just started choking up all the sudden, and it hit him suddenly that his family can be sealed in the temple now. Before this, José was having problems with smoking and drinking and partying and all that junk that teenagers do, but now the thought of his family being sealed makes him bawl like a baby and he's been talking to me about going on a mission. It's pretty amazing how that stuff happens. Also, since I will still be on the mission when they can be sealed, I can travel to the São Paulo Temple with them for the sealing.

Another thing reeeeaaallly cool happened this week. You know how when we were little and there was a thunderstorm, we would count the seconds between the flash and the noise? Well, we had a rather big storm come through on... I think it was Thursday. We were standing in front of a house of a member, about to enter, when suddenly there was a HUGE flash of light and a crack louder than any noise I have ever heard. Lightning struck one of the telephone poles about 20 feet in front of us. I thought that a bomb had gone off in the street or something. It was CRAZY. But awesome at the same time. It was funny because when it happened, we had no idea what we should do. We just stood there for a second looking around at all the people who had ran back into their houses.

Only one more thing. You should definitely start a "Elder Hopper Trombone Fund" so I can buy one. I already have $150 in my account, right? So only like... $150 more? I'm sure I have plenty of willing donors out there to help me buy a trombone on the mission. ;D

But! I love you all! Thanks for everything you do for me and Elder Hopper #2!
-Elder Hopper #1

I forgot one thing! On Mother's Day I want to try and use Google+. I guess we already had missionaries use it, so it should be fine for me to use. I will ask the mission president still. That way, maybe the whole family can talk. Brad, Drew, and the rest of us! When I call, it will probably be around 7 or 8 my time, so 2 or 3 your time. I know that you'll be in church, but I'm sure that you can make the sacrifice. I have an hour to talk as well. I will probably call on the Saturday before to confirm everything with you guys, so expect a call Saturday Afternoon, also.
I think that's all....
I love you all!
Elder Hopper #1

I lied! Only 4 hours behind me! 3 or 4 your time!

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