Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012

So many good things happening at home! Such exciting times ahead for everyone. Sounds like the ward will be quite a bit different when I get back, but for every bad thing that happens, another good thing happens. Did we only lose part of the ward and not gain any ground? It'd be cool to get to know some new people, too.

 This week was pretty good. The Barbosa family (the one with the three girls and mom that we baptized) had some good progress this week. The dad of the family decided that he wants to be baptized and that he would go to church. He had been saying he would go to church for a while now, but this week he actually did! But we visited him after church around 6, and he had been drinking and smoking after church that day. Also, to add to the bad news, I was transfered to another area, so I can't be there to teach him anymore. Gleon is his name, by the way. He was talking and said that he wants me to baptize him, so probably me and my new companion will go to his baptism since I'm in an area that neighbors the area I was in. But the whole family is happy now because he went to church and has a huge desire to change things that he had been doing.

What else happened.... This week felt like it was super long. But I can't remember anything that really happened... Oh! We met a kid who is the student body president at his school this week. We were walking in the street and he called to us and just wanted to talk for a little bit, and we started talking about what we do as missionaries, and he asked if we could share a message with him. We taught him about the restoration and asked him to read the Book of Mormon and pray, and he told us that he already believed that it is true, but he still prayed about it. He told us the next day that he had a dream that night where he was walking in the street with his family, and they were walking to a different church when he heard a voice telling him to take his family to our church instead. The voice told him that the LDS Church is the true church and that he should go there and bring his family with him. That day we asked him to read Lehi's dream, and the next day when we talked about it, he said that Lehi's dream was a lot like the one that he had. He has a baptismal date for the 19th, so I won't be able to be there. Unlesssss Gleon gets baptized that day, and then I will be there to baptize Gleon and everything will be good!

 My new area is Jardim Jandaia and my new companion is Elder Cavalcinti. He's Brazilian and doesn't speak English, so it should be fun! But I guess we live in a really big house with 2 other companionships, so it should be pretty cool. 6 missionaries in the same house! This transfer should be fun.

 7:00 should work for me for Sunday. I will still call you on Saturday night probably (Saturday afternoon for you) on your cell phones and try to confirm plans. I have all your numbers memorized still, so I will not have a problem getting a hold of one of you! I can't wait to talk to you all!

 Anyways, I love you all! I hope everything goes well with the trips and surgery plans and fixing all the things around the house!


Elder Hopper #1

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