Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 15, 2012

It looks like your Mother's day was pretty fantastic! I'm glad you were able to relax a bit and had a good time.
Oh, I've got some good news... Turns out I can talk on Google+ for as long as my heart desires on Christmas and Mother's Day. It's just if you call on the phone that you can only be on for 1 hour because it generally costs a ton. But since Google+ and Skype are free, we can be on for as long as we want. So on Christmas Eve we can talk for longer! Good thing I found this out after I was done talking to you guys...

Yes, I did take money out of my account. That sounds about right to the amount. We're trying to find me a trombone today, and then we'll go barter and try to buy it at some point later. I might actually buy one online, since they have a website here called merkadolivre that you can buy stuff for really cheap. It's kind of like eBay, but without the bidding part. But just let me know if there are any more changes in the amount.

So far we've only had 6 baptisms, but we have 5 more (possibly 6) planned for this weekend. I'll let you know next Monday how things went!

So this week... I was transferred to the area Jardin Jandaia on Monday, and stayed there until Friday morning. I got a call Thursday afternoon from the mission president, and he said, "We're going to have a re-transfer!" so I went back to Ipiranga. My companion here is the same one, Elder Henrique. He was having some health issues the week that I was in Jandaia, and the elder that was with him was just making everything a ton worse for him, so President had me come back here to help out Elder Henrique. Looks like I'll be here in this area for at least 2 more transfers, at least one with Elder Henrique, but we'll see how everything turns out in the end. I might become the senior companion at the end of the one or two transfers that I'm here with Elder Henrique, also. 

Well, I think that's everything. I love you all! 


Elder Hopper #1

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