Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9, 2012

Mom! Stop getting yourself hurt! We can't afford to have you not able to be yourself! You should definitely get that taken care of, though. Funny how that works, because this week I had been feeling like something at home had happened and that you guys weren't doing so well, and I guess that must've been what it was. I'm glad to hear all is relatively well, though!

We have had sunshine every day still... It's actually quite annoying. 100* weather every day is not exactly what I enjoy... And it stays around 80 in our room while we're sleeping. It rarely drops below 80. But it's okay because that means that when it gets cold, I'll just enjoy it that much more!

That's great for Lainey! What position has she been playing?

President Uchtdorf's talk definitely was great! I remember him saying that and even though it's quite funny, it's so true. We shouldn't worry about things for no reason! Life is so good to us, and we should be grateful for every little thing we have. I agree that that talk was for Annie. I wish she would've listened to conference. Just like Drew, I was amazed at how much you can learn when you pay attention the whole time. My view on general conference has changed a ton this session!

That's great that Annie's happy, too! Does she have a job yet or has she been looking still? I want her to email me or something! It's been a while since I got to talk to her. And Lainey too! Speaking of siblings, what about Brad? Is he still doing alright? He hasn't emailed me in a while, so I don't really know what's going on with him.

This week was pretty much the same as the others, lots of working and walking and sweating. The family that we baptized last week was confirmed yesterday during sacrament meeting, and that was a good experience. We've been working a lot with a man who is the father of an active family, but he's inactive. He has a drinking problem, and has been trying to overcome that for a while now. It's difficult to see the struggle that his wife and the rest of his family is having to go through because of his choices that he has made, especially when he knows exactly what he needs to do and he already knows the truth about this gospel. My companion does most of the talking when we talk to this man because most of the time I don't know what they're saying... But this last time I was able to understand a lot more and contribute to the conversation. It's so hard to watch him sit back and ruin his own life as well as the life of his family. Every time we talk to him, I'm more and more thankful for the family that I was raised in and the great parents I had. I know that it wasn't always easy for you guys, but I am so grateful for everything that you taught me and the awesome example you guys were for us kids.

Drew wrote about President Packer's talk about his dad, and I feel the exact same way that Drew does! I hope the work that we're out here doing makes you guys proud and gives you a reason to be happy. This opportunity that we have is so amazing, even though it is hard to be away from family for so long. I hope at the end of it all, Drew and I can both return in the same manner that Pres. Packer talked about, after having done our best.

Well, I think that's everything. I love all of you!
-Elder Hopper

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