Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012

Óla, família! Como vocês estão?
Aqui no Brasil coisas são muito bem. Estamos ensinando muitas pessoas e aprendendo muito sobre o evangelho de Cristo e como nos podemos ser melhor cada dia. É maravilhosa que nos temos essa oportunidade para compartilhar uma coisa tão feliz e tão bom com as pessoas aqui.
Essa semana foi um poco devegar, mas acontece. Nos vamos ter um grande semana essa semana com muitos pessoas ensinado e talvés um batismo! Nossos pesquisadores não gostam muito de ir à igreja, mas eles estão progregindo ainda.
I can't express in Portuguese how excited I am about the work that we're doing! Even if we don't have success or we don't have baptisms or whatever, as long as we are doing our best, we will be blessed with people to teach and help.
This week we taught quite a few lessons to a group of kids that age from 12 to 19. I think it was a total of 9 kids that we taught. We met a kid name Luan who already had gone to church once before when he was much younger, but doesn't remember much about it, and we started teaching him. Him and his group of friends are a pretty rebellious bunch, but they are pretty accepting to the gospel and our teachings. They are all willing to make changes in their lives if it means they're following the right path. None of them went to church this week, but they said it was because there was a zombie walk in downtown Ribeirão Preto on Sunday morning. They said they'll go to church next week, though.
Sounds like things at home are still going well! Camp Yamhill was always a ton of fun, so I'm sure you guys had a blast there. Har-de-har, I've heard those jokes before. People are always so mean to the trombone players! Speaking of which, there's an elder here from the US that played trumpet at BYU-Provo before the mission, and he actually bought a trumpet to play while he's here. I'm considering doing the same thing with a trombone, but they're all terribly expensive here. Something like $750 for a valve trombone made in China... Way too expensive for me. Hopefully at some point I can find a trombone for less than that and buy one!
I think that's all for this week. Have a fantastic week and know that I love you all! Even those of you who have not written me letters yet! ;)

Elder Hopper #1

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