Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013

Hello family!

This week I met a girl named Wythórya. It's pronounced "Vitória." That was a big shock. It seems to be cool to name your kids something super weird, but have it pronounced normally. I think I want to name my kid "Thiago" but have it be pronounced "James". I think that'd be cool.

This week we had the last Zone Conference with President Prieto. He's only got about 3 weeks left as President, then he's headed out and we get a new president for two weeks before the new mission is created. He said something that I though was really cool. Actually he quoted President Monson. But he said that there are 4 basic concepts that we need to always apply in our lives.

1) Examine the scriptures diligently
2) Plan life with a purpose
3) Teach the truth with a testimony
4) Serve the Lord

I enjoyed those 4 points quite a bit. Really, if we just follow those 4 points for our whole life, we can't go wrong!

He also said something really funny. He was talking about calling the financial secretaries on their P-Day and he said we should only call them in case of an emergency. His example of an emergency: "Elder Schmutz (the current financial secretary), my companion died and I need to buy a casket for him." As in, it has to be something really serious to call them. I thought it was quite funny that he used that as an example.

Anyways, that's all I got for now. Have a great week! Love you all!

-Elder Hopper #1

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