Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013

Hellloooo todo mundo!

So this week was a normal week as a missionary. Last Monday after we got home from the LAN house, it just started pouring rain. And didn't stop until Thursday night. So the local rivers went up about 3 feet, and everything got all wet, and our clothes wouldn't dry. That's one of the bad things about having to let your clothes dry on a line. But it was nice, because it cooled off quite a bit. It only got down to around 60 at night, but didn't get above 70 during the day. But then on Friday the sun came out again. The sun is HOT, in case you didn't know. But on Sunday afternoon it got all cloudy again, and by the time we left our lunch appointment it was already raining and it's still sprinkling on and off since that point. But it's completely overcast and there's no sun! Woooo! So it's cool today as well.

Today me and Elder Kevin (Davis) are heading out to Ribeirão Preto as soon as I get this email sent off to you guys. Tomorrow we are going to have a Conselho da Liderança da Missão. Mission leaders council? Something like that. So we'll go spend the rest of the day today there (after a 3-4 hour bus ride) and visit a few of the people I baptized while I was there with Elder Gade! Should be fun!

So there's an inactive member of this ward here who's name is Ditinha. Her husband, Donizette, is not a member and has not allowed her to go to church in the past. When we got here and talked to her, turns out that the missionaries before us had done some good work and talked Donizette into letting her go to church. But Donizette had a ton of health problems, which he had already gone through various surgeries for, but this time is was getting really bad. He had told Ditinha that he was going to die during the surgery this time. So Ditinha was never able to go to church because she has to be sitting at home taking care of him all the time. So what'd we do? We gave him a blessing! Right before he went in for this surgery we went to his house and gave him a blessing so that everything would go alright. We've been visiting him ever since, and he's been recovering just fine. He had no difficulties in the surgery, he's healing great, and he's looking a lot better. And Ditinha said that during the surgery she was perfectly fine, didn't worry about him at all and just had this feeling of peace around her while the surgery was being done. So now we're trying to get Donizette to come to church. Which might take a while since he 1) is a die-hard Catholic, 2) is stuck in bed with a pump attached to his stomach, and 3) is Catholic. But we'll get him there. He already likes us, and he knows other members pretty well. So it shouldn't take too long. Just gotta get that pump out of his stomach now.

Also, the other night, I was quietly, peacefully sleeping, when suddenly I heard a *CRAAAAACK* and then my companion jumped up from his bed as it split down one side. This was about 2:30 AM, mind you. His bed randomly pretty much split in half while we were sleeping. I just rolled over and went to sleep. But he had to sleep on the ground because his bed broke. And he's been sleeping on a mattress on the ground ever since. Coitado dele (pity).

Anyways, that's all for this week. I love you all! Have a great week!


-Elder Hopper #1

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