Monday, June 4, 2012

June 3, 2012

Wow! Looks like you guys are doing fantastic! Makes me miss home a bit... But I'm here for 18 more months and then I can join you all again! Things will just keep getting better from here on out! Oh, and speaking of Chipotle, I still have $7 that I am saving so that the day I get back I can buy a burrito. Definitely one type of food that I miss from home.

Tell Carter that I'm way excited for him! I was thinking about him the other day and that he should be getting his call soon. That's awesome that he's going to Guam!

My foot's doing well. We rested a lot this week so that it could get better, so I'm not feeling anymore pain. This week we'll get back to working and baptizing and preaching the good word! On Sunday we had a Stake conference which was actually more like Brazil conference. There were 99 stakes participating in Brazil, and the Prophet and Elder Anderson spoke. It was really good. They spoke about love in the home and being educated. It seems like that's a big problem here, but things should only get better! It's amazing whenever we get to hear the words of a prophet. Even if they are translated into Portuguese.

So, that kid that I told you about with the dad that wouldn't let him do anything at the church anymore... Herisom is his name. We talked to him a couple days ago for about 5 minutes. He's still doing well and he's happy and everything. We went to actually talk to his dad, but his dad decided that he wasn't going to be there for our appointment at 7. So we didn't talk to him. We're hope to find his dad, Diego is his name by the way, at home this week sometime. The one month should actually be up on the 16th, so we'll see what happens there! We just need to pray and fast and do our best and leave the rest to God!

Anyways, that's about all that happened this week. I sent Maren a letter, so she should be getting it in a couple of weeks! I got a letter from Bishop Stott, but that's still all I've gotten since I've been here.

Oh, and about that trombone... I found one for R$800. That's about $400... And I already have almost R$300 and then a little bit more in my bank account. I just need a little bit of help with it!

Well, I love you all! I hope all is well!

Elder Hopper #1

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