Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012

We had two more baptisms this week! One was a girl that had been frequenting a different ward (her aunt's ward), and the other was a girl that is the neighbor of a member. It was a bit difficult with the second girl... We got to her house on Saturday to bring her to the baptism, and she told us that she wasn't going to get baptized. So we started talking to her, and turns out she was just really nervous and a little bit scared to be baptized because her family wouldn't be there to watch. Her mom actually decided not to go because she was drunk. Yaaaay alcohol! But we talked to her and talked to her neighbors and she calmed down a bit and everything was good. Then on Sunday the two girls and our baptism from last week were confirmed. 

In this email (and the next) I'll include a few pictures of what's been going on here. Mostly I'll put pictures of the people we baptized. It's a total of 14 people now - I think I got pictures of all of them here.

This week has been a little bit difficult; I'm having problem with my foot still. It's not hurting at the ankle anymore, but now my left shin has started to swell a bit and hurts pretty bad. But I'm sure it'll pass!

We have been working a lot this week with Gleon, the dad of the Barbosa family. It's been pretty hard with him, but he's progressing little by little. On Tuesday we went over to his house with Paulo, a member who had a drinking problem, and they combined to go to AA and another group together every night. But wait, there's more. On Wednesday everything was good and they went together. On Thursday, Gleon got home from work late and ended up not being able to go. On Friday, Paulo passed by Gleon's house and waited for 30 minutes, but then left because Gleon didn't come out. Soooo... We still have a lot of work with Gleon. It's becoming really difficult for his family, too. His wife and youngest daughter haven't been to church for 2 weeks now, and their testimonies are struggling. As soon as we can get Gleon to stop drinking and attend church regularly I'm sure the problems will all disappear.

Here are a few pictures of our city from up in a grain storage tower that we went to last week. I'll have to do that video thing and send it to you guys sometime soon.

Anyways, that's pretty much all the news for this week... We had transfers this week, but everyone in our zone stayed except one elder. So I'm still in Ipiranga with Elder Henrique. A lot of the same working and walking and preaching and baptizing and all that good stuff!
Oh, I have something to ask, too. I need a flash drive! All the elders here carry around flash drives with church music on it and they have what they call a "little box of sound" that you just plug a flash drive into and it plays the music that's on it. I would buy one here, but they're crazy expensive. It's like R$30 for a 4GB flash drive. Que louco!
I love you all! It's good to see that things are going well at home and the downstairs bedroom is looking really good!
Good luck with your surgery, mom!
Elder Hopper #1

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