Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 8, 2013

Hello everyone. I am rather tired today. We travelled quite a bit, and climbed up a huge mountain. A HUGE mountain. With a statue of Christ on top. It's that same place that I sent some pictures from not too long ago. I don't think I've mentioned this before, but it is veeerrrry common for all the cities here in Brasil to put up a statue of Christ at their highest point. Kind of like they have in Rio de Janeiro, but I'm pretty sure that one's bigger than all the rest.




This week was very unproductive. We had our meeting with Presidente Canuto on Thursday, but because of the location, we left on Wednesday after lunch, and got back on Friday night. So we basically lost 3 days of work in our own area. Kind of annoying, but oh well. Fazer o que, neh? But we found a really cool family this week, in spite of our lack of work. The dad, whose name is Eneias, seems to be the most interested, which is really good! It's hard to find men who are really willing to listen to the message we have. But he has his wife and two daughters who live with him, and we'll start teaching them now. We've only taught the first lesson so far, but should be great!

On Friday, there was a huge party that started in São João da Boa Vista. It's called EAPIC. And it doesn't end until next Sunday. It is terribly hard for us to work when everyone and their uncle is at this party. Which is not in our area, so we can't even go to it! (that was a joke, by the way) So we just keep knocking doors while people are at this party, and we don't have much success. The members have all told us that this whole week will be very difficult. And we saw a little bit of it this weekend, when we tried to knock doors a bit. No one was home. And if they were home, they were watching soccer and didn't want to talk to two gringos who talk a lot about God. Oh well, just gotta keep working and find those eleitos!

So this transfer is only 4 weeks, right? Turns out that the next one is only 5 instead of 6. Which means one more week that I would be coming home early. But now they're talking about adding in an emergency transfer in the middle of that transfer so that we would get home on the 3rd of December again. But they haven't decided anything yet. So as of now, I could be home anywhere between the 11th of November, and 23rd of December. I guess we'll find out soon!

Sending a picture from up at the top of the mountain today!


Love you all! Have a great week!


-Elder Hopper #1

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