Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August 6, 2013

Hello family. And everyone else.


I'm tired. But faz parte, right? As many of you might have noticed, this email is coming a day late. That is because on Sunday afternoon, right after lunch, we we our area to go to Piracicaba. And we just got back into São João da Boa Vista, being 16:00 on Tuesday. That was a tiring trip. But it was good. We had a meeting with President Canuto and the other zone leaders in the mission. We got to see all the other missionaries after they did the transfer where they integrated the two missions. It was interesting to hear about the difficulties of all the zones, as well as all the success that everyone is having now. In our own zone we had more baptisms this last month that they have in the past 6! The mission has some pretty bold goals for this next month, but I believe was can reach them!


This last week wasn't too exciting, but we did have 3 investigators in church this week! That's a record for this area! It's really hard to get investigators to church here because of the chapel and it being so far away, but we were able to coordinate with some members to get them to bring our investigators. We're going to talk to two of them this week as well about baptism! The third one lives in some city far away and comes here to visit his girlfriend, who is a member, on the weekends. But he's liking the church a lot and we're going to teach him this Saturday! Should be cool!


I got a couple of pictures! 

In the States, we have F350 trucks which are pretty cool, right? Well here, they've got F11000. That's how cool they are.

Also, I'm unsure of the price of Furbys

in the States, but here they are a little over-priced. R$400. That's about $200 USD. Waaaaaaay too much.


Have a great week! I love you all!

-Elder Hopper #1


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